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Take control of your finances so you can enjoy a future free from financial worries.

This 60-minute pre-recorded Masterclass will help you to understand why investing is the key to a secure financial future.

I explain:


  • What are Assets and Liabilities and the difference between the two
  • The 4 Main Asset Classes that people invest in
  • Investment Cycles understanding where any investment is on the cycle
  • Balanced Portfolio spreading your investments across different asset classes
  • Financial Freedom Number and how to calculate it
  • Getting Started easy first step investments

Supportive & Knowledgeable

Juanita supports and guides you to take control, and responsibility, for your future financial security by sharing her personal, and professional, expertise as a wealth mentor, inspiring you to achieve your desired lifestyle.

Genuine & Caring

Juanita empowers and supports people to achieve an abundant, secure, future wealth vision.

“Assets create Freedom ~ Action creates Assets”

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  • what exactly Crypto Currencies are, and how they fit in to the ‘real’ world
  • using charting tools to select which coins or tokens to buy
  • how to earn interest on your Crypto that is at a much higher rate than what is offered by banks.
  • where to buy your Crypto and where to store it.
  • step by step how to use the app

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Professional & Committed

Juanita Duke is a wealth expert, who will mentor you by sharing her personal and professional experiences. Teaching, guiding and supporting you to create your financial wealth vision and confidently be inspired to achieve your desired lifestyle.

Infinity Wealth Creation ®  positively empowers people to create a secure limitless future, by supporting them to claim an abundance of prosperity and future security, by taking control and responsibility for their wealth creation, which is totally life changing.

Juanita’s clients wish they had started working on their wealth creation sooner!


What Others Say

I do wish I had started with Juanita before. If I had, I feel I would be better off in all ways, but better late than never!

Sam Ho

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“I promise that you will always be able to trust me with your personal information, and know that it will never be shared with anyone else.

The knowledge that I share with you will be an excellent return on your investment.

I care about your success, and will only ever provide high-quality up-to-date wealth education.

My aim is that you learn to make confident investment decisions.

The goal of Financial Freedom, and the lifestyle choices that provides, is at the core of Infinity Wealth Creation ® .”


What Others Say

I wish I had understood compounding years ago, but it’s never too late! I would highly recommend Juanita to anyone who wants to make better use of their money, and create a more secure future for themselves.

Sonya Reddy

Since joining Juanita’s program, and despite having worked in finance and property for some years, I’ve had my eyes opened and pre-conceived ideas questioned. A truly enlightening experience, all explained in easy to understand format and Juanita is always most helpful answering any questions.

Mike Jones

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